Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Northern Virginia

Breathe Easier with Clean Air Ducts

The American Lung Association found that majority of people spend almost 90 percent of their time indoors—so Atlantic Duct Cleaning’s mission is to improve the air quality indoors throughout Northern Virginia & Maryland! We will clean your air ducts so you, your employees, and customers can breathe easier.

If you’re ready to eliminate the contaminated air in your building, give the experts at Atlantic Duct Cleaning a call at (703) 435-4485 or schedule an appointment online.

Commercial Air Duct Maintenance

According to National Air Duct Cleaners Association, “Indoor air quality is one concern that building managers and building inhabitants have when they decide to investigate an HVAC system. Through normal occupation in a building, we generate a great deal of contaminants and air pollutants, such as dander, dust, and chemicals. These contaminants are pulled into the HVAC system and re-circulated 5 to 7 times per day, on average. Over time, this re-circulation causes a build-up of contaminants in the ductwork.”

Constantly circulating dust, mold and pollen can lead to reduced employee productivity, illness, and even turn customers and clients away from your business—don’t risk the health of others AND your business. In fact, indoor air can be up to 70 percent more polluted than outdoor air—which is why scheduling routine commercial air duct cleaning for your commercial property is important!

Benefits of Commercial Ductwork Cleaning

Whether you are looking to improve your facility’s indoor air quality, save money on energy, or provide a cleaner, healthier work environment for your employees, commercial duct cleaning can make a difference. Service from the experts at Atlantic Duct Cleaning will provide you with:

  • Better employee and customer health
  • Improved productivity in the workplace
  • Relief from symptoms related to poor air quality (allergies, coughing, and sneezing)
  • Reduced health costs and sick leave
  • Increased efficiency in your cooling and heating system

Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Cleaning your commercial ductwork removes accumulated dust, debris such as cobwebs, and rodent dropping which eases airflow and increases efficiency of the system. Keep an eye out for these signs that suggest it’s time to call a professional:

  • Dust, cobwebs, and other debris blowing out of the air vents
  • Visible mold on the inside surfaces of ducts
  • Rodent droppings and dead insects inside ductwork

If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your Northern Virginia facility, or it’s been awhile since your last duct cleaning, give Atlantic Duct Cleaning a call today.

Types of Facilities We Serve

At Atlantic Duct Cleaning, we provide unparalleled commercial duct cleaning services to a variety of facilities, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools & universities
  • Office buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Fitness centers
  • And more!

Our Clients Say It Best

Contact Northern Virginia’s Air Duct Cleaning Professionals

Atlantic Duct Cleaning has been a trusted industry leader since 1995, providing professional indoor environmental solutions. Utilizing the finest equipment available and promoting the highest levels of training and quality standards, Atlantic Duct Cleaning has delivered over 160,000 successful projects with predictable responsibility and 100% customer satisfaction.

From offering specific appointment times, using a safe (HEPA) and certified (NADCA) cleaning process, and offering a 100% guarantee, to giving you the peace of mind in working with a trustworthy company that is licensed and bonded, Atlantic Duct Cleaning is delivering on our promise of excellence. For additional questions about commercial air duct cleaning in the Northern Virginia and Maryland area, check out our FAQs or contact one of the professionals at Atlantic Duct Cleaning at (703) 435-4485 to schedule an appointment. In addition to commercial air duct cleaning, our other commercial services include dryer vent cleaning, kitchen exhaust cleaning, and Aeroseal duct sealing.


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